​It was an innocent mistake,

There was little I could’ve done.

I was helpless, I was clueless, I was desperate;

I was in love,

I was betrayed. 

Shattered and broken, a beating heart made no sense.

Like a flower,

I was plucked from my ground

Teased and tossed

I was destined to perish.

I saw it coming, the end seemed familiar.

Returning to where I belong, I was going back home.

I found a bed of flowers,

Right in Mother’s lap.

I felt so safe

It was so warm. 

I took a thorn 

Painted a pretty stroke across my arm, 

And witnessed red, warm life gush out of my skin.

It raced down, drop after drop,

Thick streams, paved road to my roots.

I shut my eyes.

A new beginning was here,

I was one with my core.

The mistake was undone

But the innocence is lost.


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