The Last Move

​Two souls, two bodies

We stood in corners like two armies;

Our hearts beat like gun shots

Our thoughts messed like blood soaked sludge;

Waiting, for the other to make a move

There is no scope for a truce.

Our gaze, fiery yet warm,

Like ruthless fire after a blast;

You blink, I take a step forward,

The future seems impregnated with uncertainties.

We’re now close;

I can smell your breath, laden with fear.

Do I intimidate?

You hold a gun to my gut,

Do you feel the anxiety within?

I look down at your feet

You follow the trail of my gaze.

I smile an evil grin,

You best hold your ground. 

One move, either yours or mine,

I can’t recall.

A final sound, a bright light

An unknown darkness

And we succumb to the unbearable warmth.


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