A Getaway

I’ll come back to you again but let me go, for now. There’s a journey I need to make An experience I am yet to feel. I’ll come back to you again a changed person, maybe. A better version of myself A bit closer to perfection, maybe. I’ll come back to you again after seeking […]


I looked for you, all around, Everywhere; You were nowhere to be found. I knew I had lost you, I knew you didn’t want to be found; Not yet. Days went by, and nights dragged too; Summers scorched and burnt, And winter’s froze too. Nothing could bring back The smell of your hair, Nothing could […]


​Mother, I failed you again. Tempted by science Drugged with pragmatism I watched reality bargain.  The clouds of loom have passed And the doom his here. Acid rains pour and  Innocence doesn’t seem to last. There no forgiveness. I’m remorseless But I’m your child, Your nemeses. A never ending dream An aimless existence A walk […]