The Last Move

​Two souls, two bodies We stood in corners like two armies; Our hearts beat like gun shots Our thoughts messed like blood soaked sludge; Waiting, for the other to make a move There is no scope for a truce. Our gaze, fiery yet warm, Like ruthless fire after a blast; You blink, I take a […]

To the Land of Nowhere

She dies a bit everyday. She wants to control her world, She wants to tame her troubles; The demons of her chaos try to take hold of her. She struggles to resist them Her weak hands can push them no more Giving up is the only way out But, to succumb is not known to […]

The Untitled

A sense of disorientation You don’t belong anymore Memories washed away the umbilical cord is cut. No speck of taint on the ground The walls are whitewashed. There is no sound around No presence of life surrounds. And suddenly lights are switched on They hurt your eye No images seen anywhere Naught but whiteness. The […]


The season of Black arrives. From smokes to coffee From ink to thoughts From clothes to personalities Everything gradually transforms to Black.   Purity fills the soul Rationality takes a toll Man remains shy of a moment to acquire it all.   Release all that is trapped within Let go of every inhibition you hide […]